Guild & Raid Rules

The Unique is an established and respected PvE based, end game raiding guild. In order to continue our success we recruit players that are max level and we stand by a policy of 18 year olds and above so as to keep the guild a mature place for everyone.

As we are a PvE guild, if raids are planned on the in-game calendar, it’s expected of you to be available for raiding if you are online. When we are not raiding, we may be running lower instances to gear up players and prepare them for end game raiding, etc.

Trial Period

We allow 1 main character for 20 man raiding. You are required to work on your mains to make them the best they can be. This includes appropriate gear, gems, enchants and talent specialisation for your class and role.

Whilst on trial we allow you to bring 2 alts into the guild during your initiate period. If you are made member you can then bring in all your alts. We also ask that you remember that main characters will always have priority before alts in all matters.

All initiates will have at least a 2 week trial period (2 full raid resets), although this trial period can be extended. After your trial period comes to an end, the officers of The Unique will vote with their decision on whether to make you a member, extend your trial, or remove you from the guild. During the trial we have a chance to get to know you and you have time to see if The Unique is the right guild for you.

General Behaviour

The Unique will not tolerate any abusive language or anger towards other guild members in Discord, forums, guild chat, whispers, or any other form of communication. If anyone has a problem with another member, this should be brought up with an officer and not directly with the guild member. If you have an issue with an officer, contact the Guild Master.

We require players that want to join The Unique to know their class well. For our raiding success there may be occasions where we ask you to respec into a particularly useful talent for certain fights. Make sure you know how to work with all your class and spec tools.

Raid Rules

  1. Listen to the raid leader and officers.
  2. The Unique raid 3 days per week:
    – Monday – 19:30-22:30
    – Wednesday – 19:30-22:30
    – Thursday – 19:30-22:30
    Invites start 10 min before. Make sure to be at the raiding entrance at the time when the invites are starting, fully prepared to raid (see point 7). Members on time will always be picked before members that aren’t yet present. Every time you aren’t on time you are being disrespectful to your guild members and wasting their time.
  3. Make sure you have the required addons for raids and for your class installed and working before the raid. You need to have:
    – Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs
    – Exorsus Raid Tools
    – WeakAuras (for specific encounter based auras)
    – RC Loot Council
  4. We will have a 10 minute break halfway raid time. Be back when the timer expires or you are being inconsiderate towards your 19 fellow raiders. We may replace you with a backup if you are not back in time.
  5. Everyone must be able to listen on Discord. Make sure you have it installed and working before the raid starts. You don’t need to have a mic although it is encouraged – the officers and tanks will do the majority of the talking. If you do have a mic, limit non-relevant chatter during pulls. Raid calls may only be made by the officers and tanks.
  6. If you have a problem or question during raids, whisper the raid leader or an officer. Never argue in raid chat or any other public channel! This also applies to comments on the performance of your fellow raiders.
  7. Always come prepared! On progress raids there is no need to use consumables during the first tries when we get a feeling for the fight. You should always be equipped to eat and flask & pot up the most you can when called upon. Always bring your own consumables, even when the guild may supply them.
  8. Always get knowledge of the targets before the raid. Read up on tactics and watch videos of the fight. Make sure you know what will be asked of your class in any given situation.
  9. If you need to go afk in raid, say it in raid chat and whisper the raid leader or an officer and make sure you get an answer. Never leave without saying a word and without permission, even if for a short time.
  10. Selection for the raid will be made by the officers. If you feel set aside, talk to the officers first. For more info on this, see the Attendane section below.
  11. Pugging current raid content whilst on trial or as a member is not permitted unless you get permission from an officer first. During progression of a tier, the officers can allow pugging at a certain point in time. They will communicate this to the team when this is the case.


As we can only bring 20 people to a mythic raid, we will have to put people on standby once we have more than 20 signups. The officers will do their best to make this process as fair as possible for all involved.

We expect every single raider to be available for every raid night, unless regular absence has been approved by the officers. Incidental absences are allowed if they are properly announced. Incidental absences, however, do affect your attendance percentage. We still require 75% attendance. If you drop below this number, the officer will decide if you can retain your raid member rank.

There are some things you all will need to keep in mind concerning signing:

  • Raid invites can be found on the in-game calendar, at least 1 week ahead of time. Respond to them as soon as possible.
  • If you did not sign up before we lock the raid (more on that later), but you are available, you will automatically be on the standby list.
  • If you did sign up in time, we might still put you on standby if the number of signs is more than 20. We will try to rotate standbys, but will base selection on progression needs, performance, and attendance.
  • If you cannot make it to a raid, decline the calendar invite AND notify us using in the #absence channel on our Discord. Both of these are mandatory in case of absence. Absence without notification will be put in the Attendance file and may have effect on future raid spots.
  • Tentative signs are considered to be declines without notice at the moment of locking the invite.
  • Not responding at all to the calendar invites is not acceptable. These will also be considered to be declines without notice.
  • In general, Members have priority over Initiates – but only if the points above have been met. The officers can deviate from this for raid composition purposes (e.g. when we need more healers or less melee) or when we need to properly trial a new initiate. You will be notified why you are put on standby at the moment the raid invites are starting (which is 10 mins before calendar time).

The calendar invites will be locked on the day of the raid as soon as there are 20 or more accepts. Make sure you have signed up at least 24 hours before raid starts.

If the invite is locked and you need to alter your acceptance status, contact one of the officers either in-game or through Discord.

When you are on standby, you are expected to be able to jump into the raid at short notice (within 5 minutes). If you are not in-game, make sure the officers can reach you through Discord. Failure to be able to step in on short notice will be taken into consideration when assigning future raid spots.