Application Form

This application form must be filled out by every new applicant. Note that the first impression is very important, so put some effort in your application. It tells a story about you, it should be comprehensive, well written, with important details about you. Take your time in answering these questions. Make you sure you fully understand what’s been asked, and don’t miss anything.

Our recruitment is always open, but may be restricted to specific classes or specializations. These can be found in the sidebar on the home page.

Before applying, make sure you have read and understood our Guild & Raid Rules.

After applying, if you did not hear from us within 1 week, consider your application declined. We will only contact you if we have further questions or you are accepted.

This is required so we can contact you about the application.
Make sure you are logged out in the spec you are applying for.
DPS apps without this get instantly declined.
If you might miss raid days once in a while due to shifting work schedules or other reasons, please indicate so.